Monday, 26 September 2011

Comfortable Lies and Uncomfortable Truths

Lying comfortably hold you back from making progress as a trader?
Are time and effort is focused at the present time towards the comfortable, and probably better spent in learning to accept some uncomfortable truth?
Lie is simple: The stock market in the extraordinary success secrets. There are only five copies. Being one of the few fortunate to have the Forex Orgasmatron.
Uncomfortable truth: There is no secret internal exchange market. There is no secret. Orgasmatron Forex will not make you satisfied! There is no holy grail system of magic that can make all your dreams. Success requires talent. Talent needs time and effort to develop them.
Lie is simple: I only have this type of trade with discipline and I will succeed.
Uncomfortable truth: Trade is not about to take the listing style of blind. Trading is to know when to take the pattern of entry, and when you to avoid it. And on those occasions when you do not take the input, so it knows when to hold your position, and when it is zero.
Lie is simple: If you only set a target of three times the risk to me, so I just need to correct 25% of the time.
Uncomfortable truth: As you improve your target, and will reduce your percentage of wins as well. You not only can increase your target, and we expect to maintain the same percentage to win. Very likely could end up getting close to winning 25%. And how it can affect your mind? The objective should be suitable for the market environment. Sometimes, in some environments, the market does not offer three times the risk.
Lie is simple: I just need to trade without emotion, and I will be fine.
Uncomfortable truth: You can not! You people! Emotions are part of being who you are. You can not block them out. You need to understand them and learn to work with them.
Lie is simple: I stopped taking the middle of the country.
Uncomfortable truth: Maybe you stopped and put in the place is really stupid!
There are many more just.
Review all your beliefs on trade, particularly in the development of a dealer.
Ask yourself seriously ... Is really just a simple lie?
Here are some inconvenient facts ... To replace some of your lies:
Will be available when you start working with reality, and learning to operate and manage the risks in an uncertain environment.
Develop strategies based on the realities of the market environment - the identification of areas on the chart for the price of other possible sources orderflow merchant. And then learn how to exploit these areas.
Examine the structure of the market!
Management studies!
The study of theories of learning!
Study of decision-making, especially as it relates to the certainty!
Psychological studies peak performance!
And the implementation of deliberate practice, and learn to trust strategy and your ability to trade that notwithstanding any doubts and fears, through a process of trial and error.
It's not about learning some of the rules of entry and circulation, such as robots. But the "transformation" dealer.
Truth hurts. And it does not sell e-books. But it's still the truth! The sooner one receives it, the faster can start the journey towards true "to" merchant.